Experiential Learning and Team Building

The fundamental principles and ideas of the revolutionary approach to group retraining activities known as experiential learning can hold essential advantages for every kind of organisation or business group. By focusing on shared experiences and practical problem solving, each individual can begin to gather a greater knowledge of themselves and their colleagues. By acting and reacting to a set of creatively designed challenges, individuals can experience a full range of different levels of complex games and activities. Taking the idea of a level playing field to its logical conclusions, members should feel free to communicate and discuss ideas discovered through the sessions regardless of age, position or experience. The ‘all in it’ together approach has a proven track record in developing team building and establishing strong team morale – essential attributes for every successful company.

New Methods of Improving Staff Performance

Indoor and outdoor activities based around the ideas of experiential learning can offer managers and employers the perfect chance to improve their staff performance. This is true of any company engaged in any particular area. Concentrating on problem solving and approaches to coping and managing with change, games and activities centred on universal principles can often make all the difference to how well a workforce can adapt and move forward. By reinforcing team morale, enthusiasm and camaraderie, every employee and colleague can feel fully part of a team. Academics and researchers have known for decades just how important this is, drawing conclusions that a happy and enthusiastic working team is far more effective than an uninspired one. Taking this as the central motivation should inspire conscientious employers and team members to enrol in such a course.

Experiential Learning for Colleagues and Team Mates

Allowing employees to see a completely different side of their colleagues and managers, a course of activities based on ideas of experimental learning can quickly prove to be time and money well spent. Concentrating on group activities that develop problem solving, discussion and reflection, this form of learning is an essential method of gaining knowledge through direct experience. By taking part in a task and then presenting points on how the group could improve, every member will be able to have clear impressions and memories of the experience. With these points firmly in focus, they can then set about repeating the activity with the observations of the first session in mind. This learning through doing approach is one that can hold significant advantages for every single team member.

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